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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  April 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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braveey or hate him for dissuuting the game. game. we talk with this latest &pcamden streaker who is ffcingg seriousschargee. charges. 3 aad serious bruises tonight. meet your newest ravens. morgan breaks down our key draft ppckups and shows you who coold see action earry next season. -------------------------------- ------- emily says -------------------------------- 3 iisit your right as an american to see the pictures of bin llden's corpse? why the president says is peing called a hypocrite by government watchdog groups. -------------------------------- ------- good evening nascar fans, i'm jeff abell. abell. and i'm karen parks. streaking is a tradition almost as old as baseball itsel. itself. freqqent show at oriole park this season...... and for
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the fourth time.....a fan is tackled and cuffed. cuffed. 3keith daniels is at ccmden yarrs tonighttto xplain why this was a rare umpire orchestraaed take downn.. keith. keith. karen.... the accused streaakr in this ccse is a 20-year-old man from carney........according to his facebook page...he's a member of a local reggae rock band. &p aad tonight... he also another fan ho faces criminall chaages... after a night at theeballgamm. christooher fattin is no major leeguer.. butthe's run the bases at camden yards. (fatkin) "i'm standing right in front of the fence.. it's right thre.. and i ust jumped caaght onncell phone video.. seen on youtube.. fatkin friday at the oorole's game.. on the ffeld during the bottom of the seventh nning.. delaying the gamm by 5 minutes. a 22-year-old bare-chested man.. rounding third baae, then he slidess &pface-first into home plate.
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the crowds went wild. then groond by umppre jeff kellogg. fftkkn says a friend dared him to do ii.. but his motivation waa much more personal.((atkin) "i've always panted to play baseball ever since i was a liitle kid. ever since i was like this &ptall, wanted to be a major league oriole basseall player. so, i was like, i'm going tt run the field and i went around the bases and i'm going to slide intt home plate." ittwas the fourth time this year that a rambunctiouss an has unnaround the field in statement today.. an orioles' spokesperson says.. "we feel that they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law." police did arrestt and charge fatkin with tresspassinn. fftkin, charged by olice.. already convicttddperhaps, y other fans fee up with fans running free. (wwman) "well, i think it's stupid causeeit takes areeactually getting paid to play in the gamm."(man) "it's bbseball, t's fun. if guys want to choose toodo that and
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thhy can pay tte fine, then so be it.."(man) "i ate when people run on the field. i thhik it's idioticc i'm a baseball purist, hate when the guys run on the field, it'ss ......still, for fatkin.. with bruises.. was it worth it? ((atkin) "no, probably wasn't because i was in central ccld ground, that's no fun, -3 you know." he oriolee hhve banned fatkin from camden yards... and tonight, we''e learnedd the umpire that helped policc catch fatkin.. could face disciplinary action, inclluing suspension.. by major leagge baseball officials. liie at camden yarrs.. keith daniels, foxx45 news at ten.. p the orioles have had their share of disruptions thissseason... season... on openinn day, 26-year old orioll park.dressed as batman 3 park.harvey spent the night in jail but was never criminally park. . the inccddnt -
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3 p"i wanted to do it and iim glad iididdit and its something i an check off my bucket ist so worth it yeah, pnow me they say batman, hat funny...." at the time, theestatees attorney's office blamed a miscommunication for its failure to prosecute harvee. it was a ho's who of frank robinson sculpture. w - rainshowers couldn't stop hall of famer, frank robinson from telling the huge croww how much this town and team mean him.. ,3
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the staaue of frrnk with his retired jersey number 20 is jjst beyond left center field of oriole park. today's eremony is the first of six events honoring the team's all time greats andd fellow hall of famers. fans who were at the game today got their very own statue. a perfect day att the allpark. the ravens have a celebration of their own tonight. the n-f-l draft is over... and someenew ravens are coming to town. morgan adsit joons us now with an eeall look in sports, m. morgan.the ravens added eight players...ooeecould veey well beea steal...and with noofirst round pick, they even saaed the ravens walked away with an &peven baaance on offense and defense... 4 ew players on each side.three of them wwre in baltimoreetoday...sscond round pick.... outside
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linebackkrrcourtneyyupshaw... who's a first round talent. it's really a hock he fell so low...the ravens catching a deal here.upshaw will compete if nnt beat ut paul kruger por the ooen llnebacker spot.. o-lineman keeechi oh- guard frommiowa state... dude is huge... 6-5, 333 pounds ready to put on the pprple and - black. 3 coming up laaer in sporrs unlimited...the rest of the ravens 20-12 draft class.did ed reed have aaything to do with one pick??ndd ho could bee in about 30, karen. 3 a car winds up buried in the
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northeast balttiore.......a car crashhs into a house alonn daywalt avenue.....the cause oo the crash ii stiil under oo ttructural dammge to the housee......fortunat when you seeebreaking nees, joinnthe fox45 newsteaa &pand see it, shoot itt end i. post your photos on our facebook page or email them to news aa fox baltimore dot com. again ttankk to chelsea they'rr stiil totaling eo 3 the ddmage in park heighhs through aa4-story aaartment 3& it appened around 4 this morning and caused extensive damage toothe insidd oo the bbildiig. the two-alarm theirrhomes. no one was serioussy injured. according to the maryland court of appeals....pit bulls are inheeently dangerous animal. &panimals... its a decision that could leea to stiff penalties for people found responsible n hhae never been violent
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before... n the past.... a lawsuit afttr a dog attack had to prove that a dog's owner knew it had a history f being shooiiggthat the owner or landlord knew a dog is part pit bull would be sufffcient for a claim... but the human society of believes....the courtss overstepped its authority.... and believes the measure legissature...not judges.... baltimore's mmyor has alreadyysounded the city pools wiil not be opening this summer. the city's financial criiis is to blame.... but aa janice park shows us, many people are now searching for re. relieff "awww man, the waters ccmingg hopefuly so we can get in and play"mary wilkes and her son rodney look longingly at the baltimore, it sits next to an trash:"it looks horrible"this -
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pool is one of many...that has seen better days:mayyr &pstephanie rawlings-blake had planned on keeping pools llie to close in on a 48 million dollar budget ddficit. deficit."they found money from donors who donated last year, i don't care where the money comes from, we needdtoofind more money to kkep the ools p" ppen""a lot of these pooos aae in pretty bad shape but the mayyrs office saas it ill make quick repairs to make suue all of these pools open on time"city officials say loominn pool cllsures is a prime example of how every year...recreation is cut to the bone. bone."it's vvry significant that the pools be ooen because they ring up the neiggborhood, and you donnt want kids tearing the have nothinggto do" do"parents like wilkes saa the pool hhlpsskids embrace affordable ctivity for low
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wilkes says without one, kids will instead look for trouble: trouble:"it shows them there's other things to do, thhn getting into trouble"with corpooaaions will step upps - children like rodney...cann always count on enjoying a day at the pool: pool:"say can'' wait for the pool...can't wait ffr the pool" janice park...fox45 news at ten. unless the city gett a waivvr frrm the federal government, it will not be allowed to open other pools accessibll. 3 too cold for the pool here innb. baltimorr. but nothing an stand in the waa of those rainshowers tonigh. tonight.... let's go to meteorologistt skywatch forecast. forecast. 3 3
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a stting of deedly hammer beetings. how a to these brutal ttacks. p dd you have a right put the president's pooers ahead of americcns' rights.
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a maryland man reportedly ouuhes off tte &pentire secret service sex &pscandal. whereehe lives an &pwhy he's ot ttlking to anyon tonight.
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3 ddc police have
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arrrsted a nineteen year oll man in connection with aa series of vicious assaults that leet one man dead and three others seriously injjued. paul wagner is tracking the story from d.c..police spent a good part of the mmrning and early aaternoon searching this house on emerson street. looking for anything thaa four separate attacks that began tuesday night with tte murder of gary ddderichs. the houue ssts just off georgga avenue within blocks pf ll four attacks. at a orninn neww conference, &pd.c. police chief cathy lanie says davis was taken into ccstody after plain clothes pfficers heard womans cry for help.lanier says: "as the alley.....pproachhd the victim 3 julian ford says he saw davis witt police shortly questioning hii with another : 3
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little guy, had handcuffs on, saii he fit the description of for arouud heee". police say the four attacks were unprovoked with no apparent mottve. all of he victtms hittin the head. a police report says the man found in the middle of eorgia avenue hadd rauma to the back left side of his head with a laceration behind his leff ear. garr dederichs, the man who was killed, suffered severe head trauma and thh wommn atttcked on ninth street had a laceration to tte right side of her forehead.lanier for all of the attacks but i feel comfortable.... neighbors who have known the davis family for are stunning.meads says: ""'' just blown away, i just ccn't unreal,,i juut sit on the porch, in fact, when they're
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grannmother is not home they come and knock on my dooo, i think half the time they think because, look at thee amily, they are good football people"? onne ttaaking investigators suspected the &pfirst three attacks were all connectee chiif lanier ordered area to warn residenns and - keep a clooe on the neighborhood. police haven't released michael davis. davis does &p at this point , poliie - still have no motive for the attacks. incidentally, davis is the little brother of foomer mmayland terps star and now san franciscoo49ers davis.ut wide receiver vernon many people spent this cabiiees and discovering some forggtten prescripttons. prescriptions. this was ddug take back day..... memberssof the baltiiore county police department tookk parr in the national initiative.. officers and dangerous drugs out of d
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their hooes and disposed oo safely. some sttdies show that aboutt25-hundree teenagers nationwide use prescription get high. one of he secret service agents allegeely at the hhart of the colombia ppostitution 3&arthur huntington of severna rr is alleeedly the agent who had a dispute in the hotel gooernment contracttr says arrival to el salvador... a pozen ecret service agents went to a strii club that night where agents drank eetra for a -i-p section where sexual favors ere provided in return for cash. "throoghout my career i have beennon advanceeteams, i havv i've worked on presidential d detail on two different occasions, and i have ever wwtnessed anything of thhs magn" magnitude."now huntington decliied to make a comment...and he has left the
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secret service...but its un- cllar under whht circumsttnces. 3 a lesson on the state of the ecooomy, according to mitt romney.that was theeorder oo otterbein uuiversity inn westerville. dana jay sat down one on one candidate.andidate. 3- lunch ffr a select few otterbein university students? a burger--with a side of presidential politics. politics.14:33:59 "it's been a tough few years for people coming out of college and his year oesn't look any better than the prior years." 14:31:05 with mitt romney for the first time--ohio governor john kasich.who told these students--the jobs situation in ohio is turning arouud.but romney still blames the president for an eccnomy e says is too ssow to recover. recoverr democrats gathereddbefore
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ryan plan.they say it's bad and that is evidencee by what they ccll mixed signals on funding for student loans. 3 is it your right as an american to see the pictures of bin laden's corpse? why the president is being ccaledda hypocrite by government watchddg groups. 33 "thii is myylife im fightinn
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for. thii is mm life, my life, it is not entertainment, this is my life." life." next, in tonight's cover story, a woman convicted despite uuing the stann yoor ground defenne. how her loss in court could impact george zimmerman's murder trial. p, the trayvon marrin case has
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florida's stand your ground been getting as much asn't - shooter spending 20 years
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behind bars. bars. a woman said she a ggnn t her husband.she didn't kill or wound him, and says she thought she was within her rights.gary tuchman explains how this could impact trial. immermaa's trial. she walks down the jail pllxander is facing 20 years behinn bars.convicted of aggravated assaull with a deadly weapon.she says she was defending herself -- standing her ground --from a husband who had been arested before on charges of abusing hee."he was arrested for doing what to you? "he choked me, he pusheddme forcefully into the ttb, he puuhed me so hard into against the wall and i kind of passed out for a second."her husband received probation after that incident.months later,,alexander sayy she was in the bathroom atttheir homm here in jacksonville, florida when her husband taated over text messages on her cellphone."he managgd to get
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the door open, that's when he strangled me. he put his hands aroond my neek."aalxander got away from her husband and then made a fateful decision.she could have runnout the ffont pan into the garage, but says shh did not have her car keys and he garageedoor was stuck. so instead, she grabbed her gun she kept in this ggrage. "what did you think you were going to do with it?""i thought i would have to prooect myself.""ddd you think phat. he saw my weapon at my side, and when he saw it, he was even more upset, and that's when he threatened to kill mm.""how is he gging to kill you, if you are the onn with the gun?""i agree, i thought it was crazy too.""why didn't you run out the front door at that point??"thhre was no way to go out the door.. he was riiht there.""what iffyou would have run around him? wouldn't your life be a lot easier today if you did that?" "yeah, but the law states i don't have to!"thh law she's talling about is the controversiil stand your ground law. instead of
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running she did whattshe thought was allowed byylaw. she says she stood her ground wall. nobbdy as hurt but it was eeough to care her husband rico gray and he left the house with hii two yoonn children from a previous reeationship.alexander was safe from hhr husband but not from the law. she was arrested. her stand your groond defense rejectee andd found guiity by a jury. (standup)"marissa alexander's an on-camera interview with us allegations. utta ew hours later, he decided ot to do the interview, saainggby going on cameea, would put his life in danger."however laaer, he got paid, which cnn does not - do.but he has aaready said quite a bit. during a deposition with a prosecutor from he office of state attorney angela corey and a deffnse atttrney for hisswiiee his wife in the past ann said - incident,,quote:"if my kids weren't there, i knew i pake he gun from her.. i
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probably would have put my alexanders attorney then asked &pthe husband what he meaat and rico gray respondee: "probably hit her. i got five on every last one them except - for one.""i believe when he threatenne o kill me, that's what he was going to do. that's what hh intenned to do. and had i noo discharggd my not be ere."but later, at a court hearing to determine whether marissaaalexander should get immunity basee on saying he lied repeateddy in - the deposition to protect his wife, claiming he did not testiffing quote "i begged and pleaded for my life when she had tte gun."the jury deliberaaed for 12 minutes trial judgee...saying that - marissa alexanner may not have received justice because of her race anddgender.some thing. that if marissa had been white, her stand yyur
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facingg20 ears in rison. he she agrees with that possibility."i'm going to be honest wwth you. i'm foo now, she sits in the city 3 had a baby girl with ico gray almost two years ago, but she photographs.that's because rico gray as custody. he's my life m fighting for. this is my liff, my life, it is noo entertainmeet, this is my life."the 20 year sentence is a mandatory 0 years, meaning no chance of parole. ggry tuchman, cnn,,jacksonvilll, fl meantime, george zimmerman is in hiding, out on bail for his mmrder chhrges. charges. trayvon maatin's family is demanding he return to jail and that the judge raise his baillinto the millions oo dollars range. 3
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do you want to seeethe bin laden death photos? wwy a courttsays the president's power trumps yoor right too information. the ravens top 3 picks make their baltimore debut...hear from the newest members of the purpll and in sports unlimited...


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